Mental Health Matters is published five times a year with the objective of bringing information and support to South Africa’s GP’s in their role as first line care givers and identifiers of mental health issues.


In recent years, mental health has received much publicity and scrutiny in South Africa due to the Life Esidimeni tragedy. While the individuals responsible for this shameful violation of the rights of persons with mental disability are yet to be held accountable, there have been many promises and plans developed to address the poor access to mental health care in communities, access to medication, assessment and support.

Prof Bernard Janse Van Rensburg

The Depression Conversation has become something of a fashion topic. Long gone are the days of pushing through emotional pain and hiding the tears. The workplace and family home were expected to represent an example of emotional stability and control.

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ADHD is a disorder commonly seen in clinical practice. Myth and controversy surrounds the disorder, posing challenges to the treating healthcare professional.

Dr Danella Eliasov

Sleep problems must be one of the most reported problems in general medical practice. For this reason it’s important that insomnia be understood and adequately assessed as well as managed. This article will deal with some of the practical aspects of insomnia and give the general practitioner easy to use tools and references.

By Dr Frans A Korb

Severe mental illness of a family member has a major impact on parents, children, and spouses/ partners. The range of emotions experienced can be overwhelming, such as anger, sadness, guilt and shame. Grief is often experienced due to the losses that accompany a severe disorder, such as the loss of a relationship.

Cheryl-Anne Johnston

Both men and women are equally at risk of developing bipolar. The prevalence of bipolar disorder is estimated at 2- 4 % of the general population. The first episode in men tends to be a manic episode, while women are more likely to first experience a depressive episode. Men tend to present with bipolar disorder in their early 20s and women more likely to present in the mid to late 20s.
Dr Lavinia Lumu

Social Anxiety Disorder (also known as Social Phobia) is characterised by intense fear of scrutiny by others, especially during performance – such as public speaking, or in general (meeting new people for the first time, eating in public, talking on phone when others are present, writing in front of others, and so on).

Dr Colinda Linde

Individuals who enter into the helping profession have a few things in common: we have a passion for helping people; we often deal with difficult and strenuous cases and we often give more than we receive. Our job is not a straight-forward one. On a daily basis we’re helping other people cope with the stressors and problems life throws at them.

Dr Tanya Defferary

Narcissists can be very charming and positive, but they’re just looking for people to feed into their narcissistic supply and help build their ego, said Patricia Watson, M.D., interim head of the Department of Humanities in Medicine at the Texas A&M College of Medicine.

Dr Rick Nauert

My name is Zanele and I’m an ULTRA MARATHON runner. I started running whilst I was going through a difficult time in my life, I believe that running saved my life. There are a number of valuable lessons that I have learned through running: IT WILL BE TOUGH – running even when it hurts and when your body is aching.

Zanele Hlatshwayo

Zane Wilson Founder SADAG

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